According to the Climate Action Tracker the car will die here 2050

Contaminación Climate Action TrackerAs we have spoken on other occasions the Corporate Social Responsibility applied to the automobile sector, we have explained to you that even it looks like something out of a fairy fairy. To be socially responsible we do not refer only to the management worthy of its workers, or to measures aimed at saving energy and efficiency of its production plants. We also refer to pollution occurs for make a car, issues once it is built and in operation, and the residual when it has passed to a better life.

As this type of pollution and impact are studying certain bodies such as the Climate Action Tracker. This association works at the european level and account with the backup of three major research groups. According to its latest study, we can extract approximately a 14 percent of the polluting emissions that cause the greenhouse effect are produced by the vehicles.

Contaminación Climate Action TrackerAs you can see, this 14 percent represents a small part in pollution refers. However, for those worse-off will come out of this situation are the cars since your criminalization is so strong that there will be no turning back. The cases of contamination as the Dieselgate do the disservice to the associations to condemn to death the car as we know it.

it is True that the juice dinosaur will not last forever, but if the authorities are sufficiently hard against the marks these would be put to work to improve their mechanics and reduce dramatically the pollution of their engines. This laxity is the one that will do that, according to the Climate Action Tracker, the last vehicles with internal combustion engine (diesel and gasoline) cease to be sold in the year 2035 and the remaining will die as we know them in the year 2050.

This disappearance will cause the sector to turn to other means of transport. In this case it will be the vehicle electrical, driven hydrogen and combinations of several. However, this type of cars are not more environmentally friendly because it does not emit particles to the atmosphere. The reason is simple and lies in how it obtains the energy that drives these vehicles.

If the production of energy comes from fuels fossil or non-renewable elements will continue to produce pollution and therefore we will have killed the cars but we have not solved the real problem of pollution. This leads us to understand that useless for us to have a park of electric vehicles if their production involves large quantities of emissions to the atmosphere.

we Hope that from this association and those that may jump to the fore it was agreed to be socially responsible involves not only the pollution point of a sector, but involves many more things which cannot be seen with the naked view.

Source – Climate Action Tracker