According to the doctor of the FIA, Alonso “is saved by little”


According to the Spanish pilot, the accident after impact with
the rear of the Haas of Esteban Gutierrez during the
celebration of the Grand Prix of Australia was the strongest of his
career. In spite of that, the spaniard was unhurt in the accident and neither
even had to be moved to a medical center
to stay
in observation a few hours.

however, the doctor of the FIA stresses in an interview to Der
Alonso “saved by little”, furthermore specifying that
“when an experienced pilot like Alonso is seen in the images
flying through the air and coming out unscathed can say to himself:
‘This car is the vehicle safe as possible’. But let’s not forget
one thing: Was lucky

Lindemann explained the reason why the Fernando Alonso came out so fast
of the car: “is conduct that Is classic. I wanted to show that
was good”
, explaining what is special about the mentality of this
type of sportsmen who manage mentally, the fear and the danger
as very few people are able to do: “I have seen
riders out of a mountain of scrap metal, walking down to the pits and
jump on to another car. Something unthinkable for us,”
, stated
full of admiration.

Fernando Alonso took care of to reassure his followers after the
accident, though without hiding the pain that I was suffering for all the
body once the hours started to pass. In this regard,
Lindemann explains that “It’s something psychic that has not so much to
see with the torture for the body. A serious accident involving a
stress awesome for the mind
. The pilot lives, it’s as if
it happened in slow motion. And completely aware”