According to the EEA the cars pollute up to three times more on road

EEA contaminaciónWith the crisis of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group appears to have been reblandecido the consciences of the more powerful. However the cars pollute, the air of our cities, it is not something new and that something had to be done with the matter either. However, when the hypocrisy is installed in some places to remove it seems to matter very complicated. This hypocrisy would be embodied by two actors.

By a party would be the authorities environmental media, although in this case we will point to the european. These authorities have not worked to the speed that the matter deserved and now we are as we are. And on the other hand, there are marks. Because the called it, because they have taken advantage of the bad job of the authorities to create the different regulations, anti-pollution and have been used by quibbling (some legal and some a bit questionable) to sell us as clean cars that pollute more that a locomotive of the S. XIX (read the comparison).

EEA contaminación cochesFor this reason the European Environment Agency (EEA) jumps to the fore and informs us of the following. According to the latest studies carried out by this agency would highlight that the laboratory tests, in which measurements of particulate pollutants from the engines, they would be lying. The reason put forward is that the cars tested pollute more in-road open of what initially had made us believe.

research of the EEA have been focused on studying the cars diesel and emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) which emit while being in operation for open road (not only cities). To perform a study as exhaustive as possible have been analyzed in 29 million of French cars, German and English. The results are clear: these 29 million cars were sold between the years 2009 and 2015 and their pollution is at least three times what should issue according to the rules anti-pollution for which they are sold.

According to the EEA this could avoided if the states were not so permissive when to condemn and punish the pollution of the vehicles. One such test warm or no reaction that he has had the European Union before the Dieselgate and that has had united States. This situation is curious because in Europe the diesel engines represent a 60 percent of the market and in the US only a 3 percent, so something is doing wrong because you are not acting with intelligence and public responsibility.

Source – European Environment Agency