According to the Transport & Environment Volkswagen brand is the most clean

Volkswagen TDIToday there are a multitude of associations and agencies that focus their efforts to study the impact of our actions on the environment. One of these agencies is the Transport & Environment and in another study, returns to the charge against the automotive sector. In this case it has assessed how pollutants are the brands that sell their cars diesel in the European Union.

What I have explained here several times and I will repeat it again. does Not defile unless the brand that less particles of CO2 or NOx emitted to the atmosphere, but the more you work to minimize the impact that elicit their cars from before birth until they end up forgotten in a Licensed Facility for Treatment of Vehicles. However, this type of environmental impacts seems to forget when doing these studies.

Suzuki Vitara Sa few days Ago brought the news of the European Environment Agency in which, according to their measurements the vehicles diesel polluted up to three more times on road open of what initially had made us believe. Thanks to this study could reach the conclusion that the vehicles driven by this type of mechanics are no more clean if they are outside of the congested cities.

however, the study that has made the Transport & Environment leaves us colder still. According to their data all the brands that sell vehicles equipped with mechanical diesel in Europe are more polluting than Volkswagen. In this study, we have analyzed 230 models equipped with diesel engines, and according to the results the brand is less polluting in Europe is Volkswagen with their engines Euro 6.

to perform this study the researchers of the agency have been taken as data reference several studies conducted by the governments of United Kingdom, France and Germany. In addition to adjust the sample to the current reality have also taken data from several databases free to access.

In this study specifies if the completion of the report, the researchers have used the data of the engine of Volkswagen rectified or not and therefore we cannot rule out that the results could be altered. In this study, only speaks of Europe, but we must remember that the vehicles of the Volkswagen US are the most contaminants since that only meet the Euro 5 standard, and their engines were souped-up.

As a conclusion of this study we can say that all the brands of cars that sell diesel models pollute more than the Euro 6 stipulates (nothing new under the sun). According to Transport & Environment brands more contaminants are Fiat and Suzuki exceeding up to 15 times the NOx allowed. In second place would be Renault and Nissan with up to 14 times more and finally would be OpelVauxhall with 10 times more.

If we take as certain the conclusions of the study, the diesel vehicle Volkswagen Group are the least particle of NOx emitted into the atmosphere as only duplicated the permitted levels, being well below the rest of rival brands.

And now I say one thing and without sounding to bad meter. do Not seem to you to be rare these conclusions and the information provided by this study? I just know that there is nothing…

Source – Transport & Environment