According to Williams, Stroll “is exceeding the expectations”


Many eyes pointing to Lance Stroll in this start of the season, not only for the sport expectations that is all around you, but also by their youth and complicated start of the season.

But the canadian 18 years of age was able to provide the team with a second week of test much more promising and free of incidents that allowed Williams to recover the time lost at the start. Rob Smedley, head of performance british team, has praised the evolution of his young driver, stating that none of what happened was outside of the intended plan. “We are really pleased with what he is doing. It took some time, but nothing that cannot wait. You’re starting with these larger cars that in some circumstances are more complicated to drive, it is all part of the learning process”, said Smedley in a statement to RACER.


Great maturity, and a willingness to work

Stroll committed three errors in two days during the first week of test and that made the team had to give up a day and a half of test. But Smedley believes that the canadian recovered brilliantly. “I Think that the way in which it has adapted is really awesome (after the first week of test), recovered, lowered his head and began to evolve. You are doing a great job, is ready, and I think that shows his great maturity”. Smedley stresses that, despite the fact that the attention is focused on whether Stroll would commit an error on the second week, the team mate of Felipe Massa remained calm and completed two days of testing is very satisfactory. “What I saw in the second week is very, very impressive. Has not committed any error, was not affected by the attention that had emerged after the accident and showed a lot of character. Is 18 years old and above what we expected at his age”.

“Have a methodology really good, is very analytical”

Rob Smedley is not limited to assessing the maturity of Lance Stroll, as well as its evolution, but also its way of working. “Has a methodology really good in his approach, is very analytical, he is starting to communicate really well with the engineers, which I think is a key point. At this time, definitely is exceeding the expectations that we had and I think that we should stay only with the positive and continue to support him” he said the british engineer.