Acronis warning of the vulnerability of the existing computer in the F1


The Formula 1 is supported in a major way in the computer to operate the cars, or, even, to get a higher performance of the same. But according to Serguei Beloussov, Executive Director of Acronis and a phd in physics who is on the board of directors of the Centre Quantum of Russia, the Formula 1 is very far from being prepared for cyber attacks.

The head of the company that sponsors Toro Rosso shows “surprised, there is very little security in the Formula 1, so I guess that somehow, the F1 is not a great goal, for now. I’m surprised because I’m very familiar with the world of computer security, and all the world is a goal. For example we suffer computer attacks each day, such as Microsoft, Google, any”, said the Russian in an interview conducted by James Allen.

To Beloussov, “it’s relatively easy to attack the sensors (the cars). I understand technically and mechanically how to do it and I’m surprised that no one has tried. I’m on the good side of this, but I think that there is a need for encryption and protection of data for Toro Rosso and I hope that for the rest of the teams. Protect your networks and systems should also be a concern, and by the time it is not”, something that, according to the leader of the Russian Formula 1 teams will have to face sooner or later.