Across Portugal: Beetle Cabrio, the Parrots, Porto and Lisbon

Saturday, one in the afternoon. In heat wave, I convertible and the “toast” over-head, immersed in full sunlight, pick Juanma. Juanma awaits me today at the gates of the campus of Fuenlabrada of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Pulls his leather briefcase on a full rear seats gossip, tripods, cameras and bags. “Put the hood, you’re crazy, do not know how I can go with this sun convertible” . Ahead ahead a handful of kilometers, a new journey that will take us to Portugal Madrid to Porto and Porto Lisbon accompanying the Parrots in a couple of concerts in the neighboring country does our partner travel? A Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio .

days ago, a week before the new roadtrip and shortly after returning from Lisbon with Audi R8 LMX which started planning our next trip could be our next production and how we would mount what could prepare new High Performance.

We had decided that Porto . We knew well in Lisbon and Oporto the change had completely neglected. The random, capricious, he took care of it at the last minute “dropped” a sports model with which we would travel and appear before me two concert dates of Parrots, one precisely in Oporto and another the next day, Lisbon. As if on cue. I quickly called Volkswagen, I asked them about the special edition Fender Beetle and after to find that was no longer available I served on a platter this Beetle convertible with finish R Line and motor diesel 150 hp . [1.99901 million]

Something is brewing in Madrid …

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_30 heard a few years ago at the same university where Juanma had just picked up a group which at that time was beginning. They, the Parrots, studied audiovisual communication, I journalism. I remember them perfectly someday play a version of the Strokes at the doors of the cafeteria, in full spring festival. Today, five years later, our paths recrossed.

Something is cooking in Madrid , in its cultural landscape, in their music. No movement, no one to call scene, there is, ultimately, groups doing things and doing very well. The Parrots are one of these groups, one of that list of names which are a must mention The Nastys, the Hinds, Trajan! or Lois, the solo project of singer latter group. Names, said incidentally, will see go through the posters of festivals this summer: BBK FIB DCODE …

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_37 The Parrots mix garage with surf added a few extra bits of tropicality, a little more distortion there, and especially attitude and lots of energy . The group is comprised of Diego on guitar and vocals, Alex on bass and Dani on drums. Madrid three.

just a few days ago have launched a new EP “Weed for the parrots” , which adds to “Aden Arabie” and ” Dee Dee Dangerous “ and as you can imagine these last days have passed through many stages and specialized publications. I love to see as outsiders through the likes of NME will also echoed this feeling and movement in the streets of Malasaña.

But back to the road …

is diesel, is convertible and looks great

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_15 I must admit that I like the design of the new Beetle. Gone are effeminate lines “New Beetle” now has more muscle . In the case of our unit was further compounded by the charm of its convertible body and touch “R Line”, which implies the emergence of a number of specific details, like their bumper or seats . Among its complement of standard equipment there are also certain alloy wheels 18-inch, assistant front and rear parking, bi xenon or dual zone climate control. [1.99901 million]

Our unit also has the transmission DSG double clutch which added to the 150 horsepower diesel engine and the R Line finish leaves us with a starting price of 35,960 euros . For those who put together a diesel engine with a convertible will look like an aberration, they can also choose this finish gasoline of 150 and 220 hp engines. [1.99901 million]

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_35 At higher count with Pack sport (300 euros), which adds a stiffer suspension, a new front sway bar and a set of three clocks on the dashboard with turbo pressure, temperature Oil and clock with stopwatch functions; the navigator (640 euros) and a sound system signed by Fender (575 euros). [1.99901 million]

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_33 I’m not too in favor of compact, well actually, personally, not value for me any car that has more than two seats, but if I had to get myself a compact that would be one of my candidates … I think as already at Ciudad Rodrigo , a stone’s throw from the border with Portugal, I end a (blessed) eggs with ratatouille and potatoes. [1.99901 million]

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_14 The journey so far has been solved with a comfortable rolling, well soundproofed. Take this opportunity to make a picture, fill the tank after an average consumption of check 7 l / 100 km and proceeded. There is little time to waste. The Parrots play tonight in Porto and we want to take advantage of the evening to kill off some of the crucial photos of this report.

Finding ourselves with Porto

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_29 A few tolls later, kilometers and kilometers of highway that Portugal that is becoming more fascinated me, we came to a Porto submerged in the early stages of sunset. The streets are full of flags, smells like barbecue, embers in every nook and everything, everything, is packed with cars and people coming and going through those cobbled streets. Portugal’s chaotic streets, houses and monuments are arranged as a rule in most of the disorders.

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_12 We first turn. By pointing Juanma will book in a worn possible locations that we find us. We went down to the Douro river to the Atlantic and tried, with difficulty, get a couple of shots of the sunset. Porto is totally committed to a festive and summer atmosphere that makes it really difficult to photograph the Beetle in conditions. We put off after three or four photos the session and left the Beetle in a parking lot and we stumbled upon what appears to be the equivalent of Bairro Alto, the Malasaña of Madrid, spiced by a more bohemian atmosphere. Vinyl vinyl, on the terrace of Plano B and accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine, we fall exhausted in the charm of this city. Time to see the Parrots in concert.

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_25 On the eve of one of the local area, Rua das Gallery in Paris we find Diego, Dani and Alex . We had a drink, talk about the past have been giving concerts, some of the last trips that they and we have done and minutes later, down the stairs, in a small and simple room parrots serve us in a few tons of tray energy. It’s late, all five are exhausted, we will meet again in Lisbon tomorrow. [1.99901 million]

We spend the night at a nearby beach and the next day early after a quick bath and try to rediscover a much quieter Porto fortune. A quick photographs, stop at Peniche and a lot of hours through Portugal from Porto to Lisbon on secondary roads under the scorching sun.

Face to face with his dynamic:

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_28 Beyond landscapes, beyond all these little towns, this route allows us to learn more about the dynamics of the Beetle diesel 150 hp . We sink your foot on the accelerator, changing DSG down a gear and we have a good delivery, with a good level of strength, soft but with nick lack of sound refinement of its diesel mechanics.

The suspensions solved with good ease cornering. Sign . If we seek a more spirited driving we stumbled upon a logical understeer, but generally offers a good dynamic, sensing the direction from a balanced direct touch with the right level of resistance. Communicatively is missing a little more information, but it fits well with the approach of this car, thought to roll rhythms calmer driving enjoying Roadster . [1.99901 million]

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_27 On broken asphalt, cobblestones, cobbled streets of Porto and Portugal, certain vibrations transmitted to the passenger compartment, but not something too prominent.

A versatile mechanical, the added comfort of automatic transmission and a good ergonomic driving position accompanied by seats that offer a good lateral support and comfort.

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_2 We keep adding kilometers and kilometers behind us, the evening progresses and we just in time. We still have a number of photos and we must be on time in Lisbon for the concert of the Parrots. The Praia Do Guincho , where we had to spend the night with Audi R8 LMX on our last visit to Portugal, we receive. A fast, very fast and face jam jam N6 photos. [1.99901 million]


reacquainted with Parrots

The night begins to fall on Lisbon. We look for parking in a hurry and crossed quickly, with tourists that Montmartre Portuguese is the Bairro Alto . The appointment is in the Gallery Ze Dos Bois , a converted local house that welcomes us with Parrots and playing in the background. We arrived in time for the hair and quickly seek our names on the list. Juanma crosses the dressing room to find your site, camera in tow, on stage. I do my own between Lisbon crazed public.

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_22 Totally delivered, jumping off the stage at the minimum rate, fervent pogo sticks. I doubt if to say that the people of Lisbon are mad is to stay short. People howls whenever Parrots mention the next song.

Again energy, attitude, overflowing the room. Just great.


You can listen to the Parrots on Bandcamp

The version of the classic surf “Demolition” of Saicos leads to a new level madness before putting the finishing touch to a concert sentenced shouting “somebody to love” and invasion scenario.

Gradually the room is empty and the action moves to a small patio. People ask them pictures, do not miss those who ask them to sign their newly purchased vinyl “Weed for the Parrots” we share a few beers with Alex and Dani while Diego continues to serve some of those crazy Portuguese .

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_21 Alex tells me we have to do a report on van going to a festival, to a concert, touring, looking for something with room to carry instruments. Dani mentioned that in August I fall home Paco Loco, the Puerto de Santa María, to record their first album. The “early” palpable maturity in songs like “To The People Who Love Their Showed Me While I Was Here” and “I am a man” you cry.

starts to get late. Juanma and I have to take our departure, we still have more than one photo and return to Madrid that same morning.

Volkswagen_beetle_roadtrip_DM_mdm_9 The progression of parrots is evident, his escapades outside Spain have increasing weight … but sound outside evolution, have continued noting that same energy that I noticed years ago from the lawn of the university that saw us grow. “soon brethren, I want” goodbye in unison Diego, Dani and Alex after giving a hug.

A photo’s. crossed the Tajo to undertake the way back to Madrid .

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