Activate the Tesla Autopilot and get in the rear seats is not a good idea (with video)

Tesla Autopilot asientos traseroswe don’t know if the Tesla is expecting another thing when you launch your Autopilot on the Model S, but what is certain is that it is not surprising. If only a few days ago a user of the Tesla Model S testing the new system of driving autonomously in a road double-meaning, now it is another user who embarks on a new controversy. Is it safe to go with the Tesla Autopilot sitting in the back seat?

Because the reality is that it does not, and so we know Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, which announces that, after seeing similar outrages recorded in video by a multitude of users, will restrict even more the use your latest update. We recall that, roughly speaking, the new autopilot should be used only in highway and with favorable weather conditions.


in The end, it is a system still in development, so the idea of staying in the driving position seems to collect all the sense in the world. Not for the user who has recorded this incident, that has dared to to leave the steering wheel to be placed in the back seat. Go, that if for any reason the system fails there would be no one at the wheel to control the car.

This makes it clear to us that the autopilot in the Tesla has its limitations, and now will be more hard, ” says Musk. The united states has always been a place where the instructions have had to be completely chewed-up, not only to avoid things like this, but also to evade responsibilities in the event of misfortune. It may be that Elon Musk has realised that common sense is not something that can sell.


on the other hand, it also leaves us with the doubt. Okay, this Autopilot Tesla is still in development, but is that autonomous cars not only we are selling, which are driven automatically, but also they are selling new indoor environments in which there is no driver to look for potential errors. And we know that the error exists, by a lot of technology to pull out chest of his reliability. Do you never have to reboot the PC to someone? Have you ever lost temporarily the connection to the Internet?

This is what could happen, and in fact we have seen that has occurred in previous attempts to inappropriately use the auto-pilot, in this case of Tesla. So, we are left with the doubt, this history of autonomous cars, if you really will be able to offer a maximum utility and be able to travel in the rear seats, to say something, without the need to be aware of that nothing happen.

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