Acura CDX, the Honda HR-V test-suit premium

In the framework of the motor show in Beijing debuted this week the new Acura CDX, a crossover that borrowed the platform of the Honda HR-V, although clothed with a body something more sophisticated.

Acura-CDX-1Ortra of the news that this week they made their debut in the Car show in Beijing is the new Acura CDX. It is a crossover based on the popular Honda HR-V, which initially it will be available in the chinese market, but we do not doubt that soon will become a hollow in north America.

The Acura CDX uses the same platform as the Honda HR-V, a model which shares virtually all of its outward appearance. However, the designers changed the face thanks to the use of a new front, using a large grill pentagonal in its center the emblem of the brand and a optical groups with headlights Full LED.

The Honda HR-V wears a body-more sophisticated, to give life to the Acura CDX.

behind the tailgate, it acquires a slightly different format, like the pilots, the bumper, and a new double exits from the exhaust.

To the side however things are slightly different, in that the the rear doors have handles conventional and not hidden in the C-pillar that brings the product of Honda.

The new Acura CDX measures 4.495 mm in length, with a wheelbase that stands at 2,660 mm, The supply of mechanical, at least for China, it has a engine turbo chicken with a block of 1.5 liter displacement and an output of 182 HP with 240 Nm of torque, the same unit that uses the Civic, but with more power. The propellant may be combined with a system of front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and a automatic change of double clutch with eight gears as the only option.

This alternative premium based on the Honda HR-V, is designed to to compete against products from the likes of the Buick Encore, Mercedes-Benz and Audi Q3, with a price that China has established around 250,000 yuan, that is to say about $ 38,000 at current exchange.