Acura leads the Los Angeles Auto Show its Precision Cockpit Concept

Acura Precision Cockpit Conceptwe’re used to that when there is a car show or major trade show related to the industry, the brands we grace with concept cars or prototypes that they advance its future development. However it does not have to be so because a car is composed of many more parts that the body that we can see in these concepts car. One of the most important in a car is his place of controls and not everyone gives it the value that it should.

however, it seems that the global trend is changing. The first brand that has dared to take the leap forward has been the French Peugeot with i-cockpit. Truth is, the configuration that you have given to the position of controls of their cars is peculiar, and this has earned to have detractors and supporters in equal parts, but we can not deny that it is a risky bet to the same original.

Acura Precision Cockpit Conceptwell, Acura, the signature of Honda’s luxury has been taken to the Los Angeles Auto Show the Precision Cockpit Concept. With it, Acura gives us an insight of how the interior of their future models. This cockpit because we saw it in the Acura Precision Concept that the company presented at the Detroit motor show this year, however, the Los Angeles Auto Show have wanted to take the last version (and the one that has all the ballots to get to the street).

As you can see in the pictures the Acura Precision Cockpit Concept takes some things borrowed from models that are already in production in the brand. The steering wheel, the seats and the wheel to select the type of change the decision rendered by the new NSX. Another aspect that has evolved is the location of the controls to control the air conditioning, being all grouped in the lower part of the console (where the driver has the hands).

Where has been made the brand is in the design and quality of the screens that show the information because this is where really lies the true evolution. If we look at a lot of them are very similar to those used by Audi with its Virtual Cockpit, however, which presents Acura is still more minimalist and futuristic. in Addition, as is considered the design of the dashboard could get to the street sooner rather than later so you have to be aware of the upcoming new features of Acura.

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