Acura Precision Concept: is a japanese willing to take on the BMW M3?

Immersed in the launch of the Honda NSX the japanese firm was reserving a surprise sport, yes, under the badge of Acura, and hence with the question of whether we are advancing a global model or only a product destined for the north american market. It is still early to think about this, before we need to know more about this new Acura Precision and see how much of the concept behind the.

The future of Acura is hiding behind those shadows:

The Acura Precision Concept will serve as a “plan of action” for the creation of future models of the brand, especially the sedans.

This model will debut in the next Salon de Detroit, in January, the 12th day, and will anticipate, as they pray from the brand itself, the strokes that will define the next few sedans sports of the brand.

By now Acura only has shown us a silhouette of this Acura Precision Concept, a silhouette among shadows, a glimpse of some flared wheel arches, nerves, well-marked and what appears to be a sharp optical.

From the firm have spoken directly of sedans sports… if it were not for that detail we could imagine that after this “teaser” is a hidden rival to the BMW M4, for the Mercedes-AMG C 63 and for the Lexus RC F.

we Hope to be impatient, to its debut at the Detroit motor show and more news on as the subject of your design in future production models.