Acura Precision Concept: the Panamera japanese descartarĂ­as in your garage

The challenge faced by the luxury manufacturers is increasing. And even to Acura, the subsidiary of Honda’s luxury, with a few commercial expectations focused mainly on specific markets, such as the united States, the expression change or die takes on greater meaning than ever. Acura needs new blood, and above all an aesthetic renewal. And that is where this prototype so spectacular has to make the difference. The Acura Precision Concept we anticipate the line to be followed by the japanese manufacturer based in the united States.

This prototype anticipates the aesthetic line to follow for the renewal, which will make Honda its subsidiary luxury in the united States.

Acura wants to enjoy products that excite, beyond the new Honda NSX, that in the united States will be marketed under the banner of Acura. Maybe that’s why they have resorted to their team of designers to develop, in his study of California, a prototype that shows the design features that will receive their next hire, in a range dominated by sedans and crossovers.

therefore does not seem that the united States go to contemplate the arrival of a sports sedan based on this design, but details such as the design of your front grille, or the integration of the headlights, will apply to the upcoming sedans arriving to the american licensees.

acura-precision-concept-02in order To understand its proportions, it is enough that I say that with 5,18 m of length far exceeds to a Mercedes S-Class long wheelbase. On the other hand, with 2.13 meters is as wide as the now defunct Hummer H1. And still is not much higher than a BMW Z4, with 1,32 meters of height.


And to finish the job, a cabin, a futuristic, clean and without buttons, with a sporty design that is dominated by screens, to a computer entertainment center, and for the instrumentation of the car.

Source: Acura
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