Acura RDX 2018: the new SUV as wheel in its definite format


Prototype of the new Acura RDX 2018.

it Was last summer when we sighted for the first time the new Acura RDX, the new compact SUV of the division’s premium Honda in the united States. At that time we were hunting in Death Valley a mule very early, symptom of the state was yet young in the development of the model, so in addition to camouflage, we could only appreciate the tentative elements, such as lenses.

On this occasion, our photographers have been able to capture a prototype is much more advanced, which already shows elements that are closest to the production version, which we’ll submit in a few months.

Although carrying a thick camouflage, formed by the usual vinyl with intricate patterns and a thick coverage of black canvas, the model can’t disguise certain forms or details, as well as the very front, where you can appreciate elements non-provisional and probably the final that carries the model.


behind the camouflage just let us discern nothing.

This issue has been seen while shooting near Plymouth, Michigan, and as we can see in the images, since in this way more advanced continues to show its kinship with the Honda CR-V, although in this generation may have increased somewhat in size.

In the morro we found the front usual of the brand. A large grid of shapes pentagonal inverted with a large V underneath, and next to it the thin and torn optical front, similar to those that can be found in other models of the brand.

In terms of the new technical section, it is expected that the current V6 used in the RDX is replaced by a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter supercharged, the same that we find in the new Honda Accord, associated to an automatic transmission of dual-clutch 8-speed transmission. Probably, the range is complete with a hybrid version.


Will hit the market probably in 2018.

In terms of its presentation, there are reports which suggest that not
we should see until next year, however, other voices point out
this next fall as the most likely date
, with a start of the
marketing already at the beginning of 2018.