Acura restores the favorite car of Ludacris, a Legend rugged of the year 1993

rapper Ludacris is best known for his appearance in the saga ‘ A todo Gas” for his musical career, but it is in any case a public figure quite famous. The rapper american acquired a Acura Legend of second hand almost 20 years ago, when even was famous. The car has not left since then. The link between the Legend and his owner is so great that it has even appeared on the cover of one of their album, “Ludaversal”. But that all changed when Ludacris had an accident which left the vehicle destroyed.

Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris) said on several occasions that this Acura is the car of your dreams.

With 280.000 miles on your odometer – almost 500,000 kilometers – the insurer was a total loss to the Acura. The market value of the car is very low, and even Ludacris could afford multiple Lamborghini, the sentimental link with your Acura is more strong. It was then when Acura decided to take advantage of the situation and to restore to the full the Legend of Ludacris. Not only return it to its original state, will also enhance its internal components and to submit it to us in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, just a few days ago.

A marketing ploy, of course, but a marketing ploy that has made you happy at one of its best ambassadors, that still yearns for a car with 22 years of age. What is certain is that the Acura Legend – sold to this side of the pond as the Honda Legend – were cars of exceptional reliability and quality construction. Cars in great part responsible of the good reputation that Honda and Acura currently enjoy. The work began by repairing chassis and body, severely damaged.

Not to speak of repairs on the six-cylinder engine, but it possibly had to be repaired to a certain extent. The paint is now a shade light golden, very elegant and still in part similar to the original pitch. Your tires are now a game Rays 18-inch, coupled to a system sport suspension signed by H&R that has reduced its height to the ground in 50 mm Although Ludacris return the car to its original rims of 15 inches, are most beautiful to display them in the SEMA Show.

the rest of the body and interior remain unchanged. The interior has been restored to its factory state original, and even accuses the passage of time aesthetically, it is not in the settings or finish. The final touch has been a sound equipment high power, with two subwoofer, elegantly installed in the trunk of the car.

Source: Carscoops
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