Acura will present at the Detroit motor show the SUV RDX Prototype

Honda resists to bring to Europe your division premium Acura. This signature is rival to direct the Infiniti to Nissan or Lexus to Toyota, but the house of the beat technical, it seems that he has no intention of stepping on european soil in the short and medium term. This strategic decision is based on the high investment that they are carrying out their rivals to settle in our market, and the slow return that they are making.

For this reason, while Infiniti and Lexus are focusing their commercial efforts to diversify its range of models to suit all the markets in which they are present, Acura is picking up air for become stronger in the united States, Canada and Mexico. It is true that it is not good to put all your eggs in the same basket, but until the day of today, Honda has managed to maintain very well their model ranges and sales.

best-selling model in Acura in these countries is the all the way through RDX. The current generation of this SUV leads in the market since the year 2012, but in 2015 he received a restyling that brought him to the day in terms of aesthetics and technology. Thanks to this, this model has been foreshadowed as one of the favorites of the american public, as a modern design and bold adds a premium interior, a range of mechanics suited to their tastes and a reliability test of pumps.

Taking into account the importance of the RDX to your account of results, Honda has given permission to Acura to take the rest with his successor. As makers of the brand, to develop the new RDX has designed a platform exclusive that is not shared with any Honda model. This, it will give a new dimension to your interior and range mechanics, because I could resume the use of mechanical with turbo.

On an aesthetic level, Acura has left us a teaser video in which we can see the evolution that has suffered the design that showed the Precision Concept in 2016. In the new RDX, we can expect a design with sharp angles and a grill in the shape of a pentagon attached to a headlamps with a very marked and LED technology. In its interior are expected to be a qualitative leap remarkable, as it displays a few smooth lines and modern. His traits have gone to the design center that has Honda in the united States, by what is thought by and for the client of this region.

Its official presentation is scheduled for the day 15 January at the Detroit Auto show. The official arrival of the new RDX to the market is expected by the end of 2018, so that the final design of the concept could suffer variations to adapt it to the production. In any case, it is a shame that Honda does not want to launch its signature premium in Europe, because just as it makes shadow to Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the united States, also could be made in our continent.

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