Adidas presents a claim to Tesla by the logo of the Model 3


The logo used by Tesla originally for the Model 3.

The logo of Tesla, as is well known, as well as the spellings of his name. So no one is surprised that when desvelaran the new Model 3, still in development, used the same symbol used for the letter E of the name, 3 horizontal bars. But this same month of February, the signing of clothing and accessories sports Adidas has presented a formal request of opposition in the office of the register of patents, us, by the similarity of this logo with yours.

The German company argues that the 3 horizontal bars resemble too much to their famous 3 vertical bars, which we can find in all their products, so that has urged formally to Tesla to give them up.

The application was filed in the first days of this month of February, and quickly Tesla has left to use, replace them by a simple number 3. On the website of the brand since we found no trace of this symbol, just the number.


The Model 3 starts its commercialization in 2018.

In the notice of claim, the German brand has shown numerous uses of the 3 bars, with several sketches explanatory with all kinds of clothing, including some in which the 3 lines are displayed horizontally.

it Is curious that the same symbol at the end of the day, have not shown disagreement for the employment of this precisely in the logo of the denomination, as it is clearly seen that for the E of the name have been employed the 3 horizontal bars, finished in a curve at their ends.

The new Model 3 starts production this month of April, with the start of the manufacturing of the drives of pre-production. This will serve as a rehearsal for the real production and thus be able to optimise processes and systems. The first deliveries of the regular units will be in the mid 2018.