Adrian Newey leaves the technical direction of the team Red Bull

Adrian Newey, after a few years of success in Red Bull, has been gradually pulling out of F1 to focus on other personal projects, like his last Aston Martin, the frigates sailing, etc, That has meant that the influence of the guru of aerodynamics by Newey has been slowly having less influence in the prototypes of Red Bull of the last few years, although it is still a very important part of the team of energy drinks.

Has gone a step further and Adrian Newey left entirely to the technical direction of the team. The genius was leader of a technical team of the strongest that exists in the current grid, with other leaders such as Rob Marshall, Paul Monagan and Pierre Waché. Without a doubt, the achievements made by the Red Bull team have been in great part caused by the good work of Newey, but without all the people around there would have been at all possible.

Precisely the French Pierre Waché will replace Newey, and so will be the new technical director of Red Bull from now on. “Mido which represents this charge, and the inherent risk. I wouldn’t say that to scare me, but I know the obligation of results imposed. I want to show that I am able to do“. Those have been his words, and the truth is that it has a role complicated, because anything below the current performance will be comparisons with Newey, who left the bar very high.

Came to pick me up, called me. I’m not going to change everything, but necessarily will act in a different way. Adrian worked on the aerodynamics, and I’m trying to link it with the floor of the car. The tire also has its complexity. I love.” Therefore, by the words of the gaul, does not focus only on the aerodynamics as Newey, but instead work more in these areas of the car.

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