Adrian Newey would have liked to work with Fernando Alonso

As we all know that Red Bull tried to sign Fernando Alonso in the past on several occasions, talked about things but did not emerge. If Fernando Alonso would have signed for probably now I would have 6 world and not only 2, but of course, thinking so maybe you would also have to have one more for 2007, and some more that have escaped in the years where I was in physical condition to win, and his car was not, even these last three years could have been the years of Fernando Alonso if he had been in the right place.

well, now it has been the wizard of aerodynamics Adrian Newey has spoken about Fernando Alonso remembering that they were close to having signed in the past for the Red Bull team. Also called to attention that, when asked about Sebastian Vettel has simply answered a narrowly stating that “Sebastian won four championships, what can I say about him?“. Although the response seems very positive, perhaps some think that it has been too blunt without extolling too much the qualities of the teutonic. He has also had words for Mark Webber, who has said that it was essential for the growth of the team in 2009.

But when I have wondered why pilots would have preferred to work with them and who has not had the opportunity to work in the past has agreed to Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. The German has said something rather curious and that is: “Obviously Michael was a great competitor, a competitor supreme. Sorry to use such tricks, I think it was just that his competitive instinct led him too far.“. So praise with a criticism of Newey…

In terms of the pilot oviedo has recalled: “Fernando we were close to times of fiche. Obviously it’s extremely competitive. To him only having won two titles makes all of those years… who would have predicted that at the end of 2007 would not get another one? It is still there, still stands, does it not?” he complained to the guru of aerodynamics.

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