Ads history: the Land Rover Defender that went up the wall of a dam in 1986

the year Was 1986, and Land Rover aired on television one of their ads more iconic. Nobody doubted in the eighties of the off-road skills of the Defender, a 4×4 whose worth had already been amply proven. The Defender was therefore rarely target of advertising campaigns or tv ads. The announcement in the a Defend up the wall of a dam caught the world by surprise, and soon established parallels with one other ad of Audi, in which 100 was for a ski jump ice cream.

The wall of the dam, Clywedog, located in Wales (Uk), has 72 meters of height.

Happened in the dam, Clywedog, Wales. A Land Rover Defender red marched up the river to the very base of the dam. After, the driver – by a weapon worthy of James Bond – hooked up to the end of the winch to the upper end of the wall, almost vertical. Thereupon, the off-road began its almost vertical ascent, reaching the top of the dam at the end of the ad. “are unable to arrive to work late with a Land Rover“, prayed the little clip, in reference to the skills off-road car.

A stunning announcement, not devoid of technical complications. Roy Alon was the specialist in charge of driving the Defender to the top of the dam – whose wall was more than 70 metres of height. Almost nothing. Had to repeat the maneuver up to six times, and obviously had the support of a great team of professionals. It is not known how he ascended to the dam, but it is believed that the use of a motor balanced for the winch, installed on the rear of the Land Rover. Either that, or a crane. The motor of the car would have suffered from lack of oil.

This ad would be years later recreated by Top Gear.

The angle would have prevented its continued use. There is some lack of continuity in the ad, and at no time is focus the top of the dam while the car goes up. Finally, the car goes up for one of the reinforcements of the dam, while at the top, emerges from between two braces. Does not detract from the feat that has been remembered for posterity, and it will pass to the annals of history. A couple of paragraphs above you may want to review this ad, that it would be years later recreated by Top Gear.

Top Gear, Hammond scared and a dam welsh

Top Gear recreated – in his last season with the trio skull at the controls – this iconic ad with a Land Rover Series 1. In their rear were installed, an additional motor, stabilized, whose only function was to feed the winch-off-road. Everything went well, until the front wheels of the Defending rose: the inclination of the dam was almost vertical and Hammond was visibly terrified. Finally everything went well, and both “Hamster” as the Land Rover survived the feat without problem.

Simply demonstrates the complications that can arise when you record something so complex and delicate.