Aeromobil the first flying car, will have its debut in Monaco

aeromobil coche volador

have you ever thought of leaving the garage of your home mounted in your car and get flying to work? Aeromobil makes it easy. This company Slovak with more than ten years of experience in manufacturing flying cars, will be introducing its new model this April 20 in the fair Car Top Leave Monaco.

If you have thought of, is to get with one; takes note. The initial idea is that, following the presentation of the concept, start the phase of pre-sale which will include a number of units. However, it has not yet given a specific date for its definitive launching.

aeromobil coche volador

This vehicle has a past. In particular, two years ago was presented its prototype in Vienna (Austria). Then… why Monaco? Well, as simple as that the brand hopes to find potential clients and future investors in this city.

The team that leads this company to make up the CEO Juraj Vaculik and Douglas MacAndrew they devised this vehicle keeping in mind the regulatory frameworks pertinent, both to be piloted like a car or a plane.


If you are wondering how good it is; the answer is not we can guarantee with much certainty. What is clear is that the Aeromobil that will be presented in monaco, in the French, promises many improvements with regard to the concept 3.0 that we could see in 2014.

there is Still much to know; but we can analyze the technical features of the previous concept, to be able to make a comparison with the model that you are presenting. The prototype 3.0 was a source engine Rotax 912. This engine 4-cylinder and forced cooling, provided a power of 100 HP.


Its benefits… more than satisfactory. Reached a tip speed of 200 Km/h in the air, and a 160 Km/h in the highway. Its fuel consumption is estimated to be about 8 L/100 Km on the highway and about 15 L in the air. In terms of the marketing of the first units of this two-seater flying, all indications are that it will be early next year.

Source – Aeromobil