After 50 years of absence Borgward wants to conquer a crossover

The German brand Borgward will soon be on the streets. The brand has 50 years disappeared after his bankruptcy in 1963. At the time, he could not compete with large Opel due to its higher cost structure, and having four brands under its umbrella, which is not shared components or engines. It was an innovative and leading company, but failed to General Motors. Now Christian Borgward – grandson of former owner – will revive the brand and in Frankfurt we will present its first car in 50 years . A crossover.

At the Geneva Motor Show 2015 announced its return as Borgward car manufacturer.

The brand is defined as a premium brand that values ​​on all aspects practicality , and want their owners to take pride in their cars. In this regard, Volvo will seem more than BMW . They also speak of technology and connectivity , to adapt to what consumers demand. Supported by a Chinese-funded – the truck maker Foton -. Borgward launched its first car in 2016, although it is not yet clear where will conduct its production and if its crossover will be based on an existing car

borgward-frankfurt-2016-2 One detail that we like is that designer Borgward in the first half century is the great Einar J. Hareide. The Swede was commissioned to design the Saab 900 80 , which convinces us your resume. Something special could leave the relaunch of Borgward, but we must not excite prematurely. For starters, we have not seen a single photo of the new crossover. Has just released the teaser that heads this article and prevents us from seeing more than a rear optics and D-pillar of the car.

Yet the car was tested at the Nürburgring , where circulated with German temporary plates, and rear of the crossover also has German plates. Some sources report, the focus of new Borgward could be the Chinese market, but nobody knows where it will be produced new crossover. This would give Foton brand of cars with which to diversify its commercial vehicles business. However, everything is speculation without any real foundation. We have to wait to Frankfurt to meet your new vehicle.


Source: Carscoops
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