After Brexit and the depreciation of the pound, you heat the head: these 5 treats with wheels are cheaper than …

The Brexit, the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union, was announced just a few days ago. A decision that has caught Europe and british by surprise, the repercussions can be significant for the auto industry, british and foreign manufacturers established there. The Brexit has led to a depreciation of the pound, to minimal levels not seen since more than 20 years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the ideal time to buy a treat on wheels at a bargain price.

At the time of writing this article, with 1,20 euros it is possible to buy a pound sterling.

The import of a car from origin community is not too complicated. In Spain we will have to pay VAT and Registration Tax, in addition to pass the MOT. But it is not necessary to carry out complicated modifications to the mechanical and aesthetic as happens with vehicles of u.s. origin. The vehicles that are sold in the Uk have been approved for circulation in the European Union, and the institutions the british are not yet disconnected from the EU in respect of export formalities.

Jaguar_XKSS_2_(128046)that Is to say, that it is now when we must comb the online classifieds around the Uk in search of chollos. In motor we are a bit burned, and we have already identified five candy bars with wheels that after the Brexit have received a considerable discount. There is one but in any case: the cost of importing – amount variable, but never excessive – and the fact that the steering wheel is located to the right. This raises more problems: car parks, toll roads and overtaking on roads with double meaning.

But if for less than 10,000 euros you can get a Lotus Elise S1 impeccable… these problems can become more bearable.

Lotus Elise: about 10,000 euros

If we look at the online classifieds of Spain, it is practically impossible to find a Lotus Elise for less than 20,000 euros. That is, if we find units for sale: in the huge network of milanuncios there is only one Lotus Elise first-generation for sale. However, I found this tidbit on Piston Heads for the equivalent in pounds 10.100 euros. A flawless Lotus Elise in the year 1999, equipped with an engine 1.8 source Rover with 118 HP of power, more than enough for your just 800 kilos of weight.

coches-brexit-precio-2Carries extras such as rims Compomotive, an admission of carbon fiber or a sport-tuned suspension. The seller cannot deliver the series, which would avoid problems with the ITV Spanish, really fussy. A look at the prices the british of the Lotus Elise first generation equates with the Mazda MX-5 NC in Spain, around 9,000 euros – € 12,000 there is a multitude of units in a good state. Who would not want a treat as well in your garage? I know I shouldn’t, but it is inevitable that I am hot head.

Caterham Seven: from 11.000 euro

Caterham are certainly some cars are very interesting to any burning. The Seven are the car’s ultimate track-day, with a tune-up, radical and simple until the end. They are just a chassis with two seats and an engine. Weigh just over 500 lbs and have a spectacular relationship power-to-weight. The real Caterham – no replicas or small, independent manufacturers – pull in the equivalent of 11,000 euros currently, and it is possible to get beasts Supersport for less than 20,000 euros.

coches-brexit-precio-1Are cars for circuit, for the exclusive use. We’re not going to go on a long trip with a Caterham, we’re not going to have to suffer for a long time its zero practicality or discomfort, with the added bonus of the steering wheel to the right. Really, if we have to explain the drawbacks of being the owner of a Caterham, it’s not your car. The copy of the image is a spectacular Roadsport 2003, which began its life as a car from the Caterham Academy, having been updated for use on the road. It costs less than 17,000 euros.

Volkswagen Golf R32: from 7000 euros

Volkswagen Golf R32 are cars very sought after in our country. Have a status of worship, the result of its excellent performance, its dynamic equilibrium and their fantastic engines V6 of 3.2 liters. In the Uk they are most abundant, and this already causes a decrease in charged of the prices. Are cars more care than the R32 more and more cheap for sale in Spain. A Golf R32 Mk5 in good condition cannot be found for less than 12,000 euros in Spain, while for a little more than € 7,000 is located in United Kingdom without difficulty.

coches-brexit-precio-6Personally I have always been in love with it even more the Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4, with a V6 engine for something less powerful, but an aesthetic, a truly spectacular. For the equivalent negotiable to 8,400 euros, this unit – really impeccable – in blue color, equipped with a manual gearbox and a neat selection of invoices for repairs and work carried out. This car has about 150,000 km and is flawless. It is cheap, but remember that it is necessary to import it to Spain, where yes can be a problem with the steering wheel to the right.

MGB: from 6,000 euros

Go you to laugh off the speculation with a classic in Spain, without knowing the Uk. They look real atrocities in the Hypocritical Albión, cars are even cheaper in our country despite being less abundant. But still there are certain classics which by their abundance and the depreciation of the pound are much more affordable if they are imported from United Kingdom. One of them is the beautiful MGB. In Spain, you forget to find it for less than 12,000 euros. On the other side of the English Channel cost half as much.

coches-brexit-precio-3 is it not Perhaps best enjoyed a classic british joyride with the steering wheel to the right? This unit is of the year 1980, but aesthetically has retrotraído to the 60’s, with lots of chrome and classic details. Your engine has been rebuilt and costs as little as 6,000 euros. Is on paper to enjoy for years and years. Other units go up more in price, but for less than 10,000 euros, there are plenty of options to choose from. A perfect alternative to a roadster european as is the Alfa Romeo Spider.

Noble M12 GTO: from 36,000 euros

We have left this tidbit british to the end. Its price is not too affordable, and never will be. But with the Brexit, and the depreciation of the pound, it is possible to get a unit for little more than 30,000 euros. What would you prefer, a sporty thoroughbred praised by Jeremy Clarkson, or an Audi A3 TDI loaded equipment? The doubt offends. The Noble M12 GTO is one of the first cars manufactured by Noble Cars, and in a central position mounts a V6 engine of 2.5 liters, the same who rode some Ford Mondeo.

coches-brexit-precio-5Engine that was supercharged up to 373 HP on this unit, which has not spared a pound or maintenance or modifications. Parts of top brands, detailed and a conservation impressive for a car that already has 14 years on its chassis. What could have, are the problems of type-approval, as Noble produced their sports under a law of british car manufacturers, low-volume, that would relieve it of the meet crash tests in european and other legal requirements. This point can be problematic.