After decades as a provider of chassis, Dallara will have its own sports 2017

In the same region in which manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati or Pagani are set, there is also a small company called Dallara. It may be that you do not ring – not to be a fan to the competition or have already read this article from our fellow motor Competition – but without this company cars as the Alfa Romeo 4C or the KTM X-Bow, would never have existed. Neither would have been the Lamborghini Miura, or dozens of successful machines competition whose chassis were developments Dallara.

Dallara was a key figure in the development of the chassis of the Lamborghini Miura.

The founder of the company – the emeritus Gian Paolo Dallara – it will soon be 80 years old, and wants to say goodbye to his corporate life with a good tribute. The first vehicle of street Dallara, developed and produced in full by the Italian firm. According to Autocar has discovered in an interview with Dallara, the car will have a weight of around 800 kilograms, and a carbon fiber chassis. The know-how in composite materials Dallara has been one of its competitive advantages, which will pay homage on this vehicle.

lamborghini-miura-chasis-04Your engine will be a 2.3-liter with about 400 HP of power, purchased from a vendor outside. All fingers point to the 2.3 EcoBoost from Ford, which is mounted in the Mustang and Focus RS, as well as in some sports of limited circulation, such as the Zenos E10 british. Of course, this engine will be associated to a manual gearbox of six relations and propulsion rear. The KTM X-Bow weighs about 50 kilos more than the future Dallara, and despite having features sparkling, is significantly less potent.

Cars Formula 1, Indy, the Hurricane GT3… the experience of Dallara is more than extensive.

This project was already announced in 2014, but had been in water of borage. Fortunately, Dallara believe that you will be full for the coming year. Will be sold at a price of at least € 80,000, and will be markedly more advanced and technology-the KTM X-Bow. The experience of Dallara in competition is overwhelming, but if we take into account the consulting work car for other manufacturers, we take off the hat: Alfa Romeo 4C, Bugatti Veyron, KTM X-Box, Ferrari, Maserati…

alfa_romeo_4c_2016_DM_9The potential of the brand is simply meteoric.