After the resurgence of the Fiat 124 Spider… the Fiat 126 V-TEC that merendaba Itps!

From Lithuania comes to us in a peculiar Fiat 126. A trainer has caught the small utility and it has widened at the same time has seasoned such a picture with the mechanics V-TEC a Honda Civic si… super-charged for the occasion, the result? A Fiat 126 ready to humiliate more of a GTI modern.

The Fiat 126 was produced in italy and in Poland. In this last country had a special impact, to be marketed until 2003.

After those flared wheel arches hides the propellant V-TEC 4 cylinder and 1.6-liter legacy of a Civic si powered from the 125 original horse up to the 170 horses thanks to the presence of a turbo, a considerable increase of power, if we take into account that serial the Fiat 126 developed, in its first series, 24 horses extracted from a mechanics of 650cc.

The benefits are more than insured, if we take into account that serial the Fiat 126 is not away too much of the half-ton.

The best thing of all is that we have two videos of this vitaminado Fiat 126 :

Gallery of images of the Fiat 126 engine with V-TEC