After the RS6 Allroad reaches a BMW M5 Touring xDrive aspect campero, isn’t it?

BMW M5 Touring xDrive recreacióna few weeks Ago ran the rumor that Audi was interested in launching a RS6 Allroad. It is not a far-fetched idea in a market in which many customers want a picture jacket. Now merged with the high performance. With this in hand, and knowing that the manufacturers replicate the moves of your competitors, we now know a BMW M5 Touring xDrive with aspect campero. Complicated, isn’t it?

Complicated for several reasons. The first of these is that the strategy of Audi is not confirmed, so we don’t know if we will see for the first time a family farm is a high-performance seal RS. But it is also BMW is not offering right now a M5 with bodywork family Touring. And we don’t know if it will do so in its next generation. A generation that, by the way, we will know in a short time.

Audi RS6 Allroad 2016 recreación

Recreation of the Audi RS6 Allroad

While Audi does offer an A6 Allroad, BMW is about to do this with the 5-Series Touring with all-wheel drive xDrive. But nothing body-on-high or protections plastic. Not in vain, X-Tomi has been launched to recreate a possibility fairly remote, a BMW M5 Touring with aspect campero. That is to say, very far away from what BMW can offer right now in its range.

To do this has been based on the 5-Series Touring, which adds a aero package for the sports sedan, with a front bumper muscular and full of large air intakes. The side gills or the tire specific are other trademark. There is also a new roof bars common to the family version.

The differences come from a number of protections plastic in the low of the body. The low of the bumper are dressed in black plastic, as well as the sills and the wheel arches. Will add some details in aluminum color to decorate and, in principle, raises the height of the body with a new set of suspensions.

Is all a guess, and a guess a very distant, if it ever exist. But it would be interesting to know about a BMW M5 Touring with aspect campero that derrocharía power and performance. Would be, in this generation, 560 horses of power. What’s more interesting is that BMW has already launched the first stone that points to the possibility of providing all-wheel drive on their M. Come on, that would be a start to getting to launch a similar version to the one you see on the screen.

Source – X-Tomi

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