After the S90, the Volvo V90 is filtered in its final version 1:43 scale thanks to the globalization

Volvo S90 was leaked to the internet a few weeks ago. The the vehicle of representation of Volvo has not yet been officially presented, and even so, it has already leaked its version family. Dubbed Volvo V90, has been filtered in China, 1:43 scale. Apparently, Volvo hired the French manufacturer of miniatures Norev to produce a 2,000-thumbnails of the Volvo S90 and V90. The problem is that Norev subcontracted the production to a chinese manufacturer. And China is not the favorite country of the confidentiality.

Its main rival, positioning, size, and design, promises to be the Audi A6 Avant.

apparently, a miniature was stolen – the S90, filtered few days ago – and thanks to this theft, the world already knows the look that will have the Volvo V90, a large family of orientation premium. Its appearance is very similar to the Volvo S90, employing design features that were already anticipated in these prototypes from far 2013. Nothing noteworthy to rear, of very elegant design. The fall of the rear glass is smooth, and gives the family a dynamic aspect, to the couple than minimalist.

volvo-v90-filtradoSince then, the design language of Volvo is markedly Swedish, and markedly minimalist. The optical LED have a large size, extending to the central part of the tailgate. Two exhaust pipes protrude from the lower part of the bumper. On the ceiling appears a essential to the panoramic window, as well as rails silver. Its interior will be very similar to the Volvo XC90, which also share the full range of engines. Engines gasoline, diesel and hybrid plug-in.

The promise of Volvo is that any model of your range will be offered in a hybrid version plug-in for the year 2020, for which their platforms are already preparing. When the V90 to be released – think early next year – we expect a Volvo V90 T8 train plug-in hybrid 400 HP as the most powerful option. But there will also be versions of Drive-E engine powers reasonable, as well as a diesel less than 200 HP. It will be a tough competitor for the family premium european.

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