After the scandal, how would BMW frozen the project with Daimler AG?

A new scandal of size quasi stratospheric looming on the european automotive sector. Last week destapaban management who for years have been running the groups BMW, Daimler AG and Volkswagen (with Audi and Porsche included). The practices that were going against free competition as agreed actions in the aspects as sensitive as development of mechanical diesel and the methods to get rid of the contamination. However, this story could carry attached to other which it is not known very well as it will eventually.

One of them is the one between BMW and Daimler AG. Both German groups have been working together since many years ago and their collaboration is focused, basically, in the components area. In addition, recently communicated that their collaboration would extend to the development of a network of charging stations for their electric cars that should be operative face to the year 2020. However, all jobs seems to have frozen as he informed the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

If we remember (do not roll back far in time) the scandal that speaks on collusive practices among BMW, Daimler AG and Volkswagen Group has been uncovered for the last two. The first has not said this mouth is mine, but once admitted guilt on the part of the other actors, little defence it should be for the first. This situation would have moved directly to the agreement of collaboration between BMW and Daimler AG.

This movement is perceived as the retaliation of a natural part of a partner betrayed him. BMW would have been, by surprise, with his ass in the air after they uncover cases of corruption and freeze this partnership program would be your reaction. Logically, the economic package that’s going to be for the three groups will be high, but for now, BMW is looking to share more data with this partner, and knowing that he had already been betrayed.

so soon, the heads of BMW and Daimler AG have been reported the development of the network of chargers for electric cars is still standing, because it is not a job that involved only them. The rest of the points in the working still have not said anything, but as the saying goes “he who is silent grants” and BMW seems to be giving everything that is being published in the media.

Source – Daily Süddeutsche Zeitung

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