After the Toyota GT 86, the Subaru BRZ will also have a “face wash”

Toyota has evolved to the Toyota GT 86 to give us a MY2017, which, among other changes, it introduces a small aesthetic change, a slight increase in power and a new tune , but what happens with the Subaru BRZ? It seems that the coupe Subaru will also have its own up-to-day.

The Subaru BRZ has a starting price in Spain

From the forum we get a series of images that reveal the introduction of a face wash that, as expected, follows the steps defined by the Toyota GT 86.

We find in this way with a new bumpers, new optics and new rims on the outside, wearing a look fairly even to what is already known. In its interior would have in addition a new finish in carbon fiber to the central console and the surface of the window and an extra touch of leather in the front of the dashboard.

Talso new are a few of the controls, such as the air conditioning and, yes, your steering wheel is now multi-function (remember that currently had no button).

of course we should also find that slight extra power that he has shown the Toyota GT 86. An evolution of the block boxer 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje that leaves us with 205 horses (bearing in mind that the current version develops 200 horses).

When do we see? Maybe Subaru also present in the Salon New York, in any way, we should not take too much to find out.