Agag: “it Has been the season of take-off of the Formula And”


The Formula E has a promising future, but for many the ‘Season Three’ has been the point at which the event has elevated the flight. Computers are becoming more and more competitive and the pilots are betting seriously for the championship. The result is a grid stable and has raised his level considerably. So you think Alejandro Agag, CEO and founder of the Formula E. The maximum responsible of the event has made the balance of the season 2016-17 after live-day attempts in that Lucas di Grassi has been proclaimed champion and two brands such as Porsche and Mercedes have confirmed their arrival to the Formula E.

In this aspect, Alejandro Agag has explained: “Has been the season of take-off of the Formula And with all the attention generated and the new entries. I Think that this past weekend allowed us to finish in the top with Di Grassi coming from behind and winning the drivers ‘ championship, while Renault managed to maintain the championship teams. Buemi did a fantastic year, but sometimes the races have these things, unfortunately for him. All in all, I think that this resolution has been a great result for everyone and for the Formula E“.

despite not adding to their second title, Sebastien Buemi has expressed a similar idea Agag, mainly by the great expansion of the contest: The Formula E moves beyond our dreams. Mercedes and Porsche will arrive in season 6, but there are still two years ahead. I think that there is a championship at this time with a better future. As a pilot, it is amazing to see this. All manufacturers are going in the same direction. Even two years ago would not have expected this, so we should all enjoy the union of big cars, big cities and large manufacturers that arrive to the championship”.