Agile Automotive, the danes, to the conquest of the territory Lotus

Agile Automotive SC122

The Danish brand Agile Automotive is developing two new models that will compete directly in the sector of light sport, the territory Lotus.

SC122, the beast Danish

SC122, which will be available in two versions, one for street and another one exclusively for circuit, is powered by a mid-engine configuration V6 and 3.5 liters cubicaje turbocharged that produces 430 HP. The power will be transmitted to the rear axle through a manual gearbox of 5-speed or an automatic 7, with cams on the steering wheel.

The total weight of this SC122, the faster model of the two that you showed today, it is so only 850 kg. This has been achieved thanks to the manufacture of a chassis entirely of carbon fiber.

SCX, the little brother

Agile Automotive SCX

on the other hand, the SCX is the model that the Danish brand Agile is developing. Less powerful than the first, but still, also available in two versions, one for street and another one exclusively for circuit, mounts a engine Toyota 2 liter with the that develops 180 HP, or 255 CV if you chose the turbo version.

, While the SCX is much less powerful than its brother, the SC122, it weighs less due to not having no doors or windshield (to the purest style of the Ariel Atom). Even so its chassis is also made of carbon fiber, which makes it that despite so only 600 kg.

Without a doubt, the most interesting of the two models is the price. The SCX part from something more than 67,000 euros, while its larger brother, the SC122 part from the 107.000 euros.

The guys from Agile Automotive will probably not have a very easy time of made a dent in this segment where there are several alternatives very juicy as are the ranges Required and Elise Lotus, and the brands Caterham, Ariel with his well-known Atom or Zenos with his E10R, without forgetting, of course, the Alfa Romeo 4C.