Aguri is planning a Formula And a model 'careers-customer'


The season 2015-16 Formula E has left us a great variety of bets in units of power. Seven teams have developed their own thrusters, while Dragon Racing mounts the mechanical Venturi. For his part, Andretti worked with the original engine of the SRT01-and, after not getting to make reliable your own mechanics. In this line, the Team Team Aguri is the only one who bet from the beginning by keeping the mechanics of the original SRT01-e, with all of the components of McLaren. At least the team has gained in stability and tranquility.

however the reality is imposing. The Team Team Aguri is far away from the riders head and while Nathanaƫl Berthon only scored in the first race, his team-mate Antonio Felix Da Costa has achieved two sixth positions. The performance gap between the cars faster and the Team Aguri will continue to grow as the legislation invites the technological development of the thrusters developed by different manufacturers. For this reason, the Team Principal Mark Preston has announced that the Team Aguri will acquire the power unit of another manufacturer going into the season 2016-17, the third year in a competitive category.


The Team Aguri wants to make a decision before the month of march and the ePrix in Buenos Aires (February 6) could be the ideal time to announce their plans for the future. Despite this, Mark Preston has made it very clear that the team will use the power unit more quickly, which automatically points to the Renault Z. E 15 Renault team e.Dams. It should be recalled that the rules of the Formula And stipulates that any team that builds a power unit must be be prepared to sell their technology to another computer for 120,000 euros or rent it for 72,000 euros.

In this aspect, the Team Team Aguri is in negotiations with Renault to arrive at an agreement that can satisfy both parties. Although on paper this provides that you can buy a power unit ‘almost by decree’, what is certain is that the Team Aguri needs to get to a good commercial agreement with Renault to work together to adapt the power unit to his car, an agreement that would be parallel. This is an important step, since the own Team Aguri is currently immersed in a restructuring of its engineers.