Air-Ink: an ink that is created from the exhaust gases


Air-Ink, the first ink made from the exhaust gases of a car.

Seems like a joke, but what is certain is that this new company is trying to get investors thanks to the crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter. Called Graviky Labs, promises to be able to convert the pollution in ink.

Specifically in black ink and so that comment is an ink of very high quality. Currently have available several types of pens, all of them black, who have been manufactured mostly thanks to the gases coming out of the exhaust pipes of the vehicles.

Though this could be all a panacea, what is certain is that it is not as simple as it seems, nor is it any solution to the high pollution of some cities. Since the procedure does not use really contaminated air existing, but the gases that are generated at the time, so that the pollution of the cities is not seen directly repaired.

The procedure that announces the company is the following, as you can see in the video, it installs a small device in the exhaust outlets of vehicles, , which covers the material necessary to make the ink. So that you can see, the device is small in size and according to the company about 45 minutes of emissions are sufficient to obtain up to 29 milliliters of ink.

This amount is necessary to fill “Air-Ink” one of the pens that they have for sale. The end result is an ink resistant to moisture and that offers as much security as are currently available in the market. There are also available ink for work of screen printing.

Graviky Labs already has available 4 different models but has used the platform Kickstarter to get more funds and to be able to increase production. Announce in addition that you already have in study other types of paint.


What different types of pen that are already available.

The only problem that is not mentioned is every how much time should be to replace the items that you collect the soot, which in the video does not seem to be subject to leaks.