Airbag vs. iPhone 6S: so can be your smartphone, and your face (video)

Airbag vs. iPhone 6Swe Live ever more connected and that makes us depend on the mobile phone. While many manufacturers are working on integrating the smartphone to the multimedia system of the car, still a good part of the drivers take the risk of using a mobile phone while driving. What what happens if while we drive, and we write with the mobile jumps the airbag?

In the video that you showed today we’re not going to prove anything scientific. In fact devoid of any scientific rigor. But we see it as an sample of what is capable of doing an airbag with a phone of last generation, in this case, a recently presented iPhone 6S. The result may give you fear.


we Know that the airbag is deployed thanks to a element pyrotechnic, an element of explosive which spreads the fabric to a lot of speed. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to drive too glued to the steering wheel, in the same way that not make jokes with an airbag placed in a chair, as we have seen in crowd videos and some film.

But, what happens when an airbag hits you with a mobile phone? Since that shattering, literally. In the video they make several tests, one of them by placing the mobile on an airbag and exploiting it. The mobile comes out unscathed, but you just have to see the power of the explosion and how far and high throw. After this, the same test, but this time inside a metal box. The mobile phone is to throw it in the trash. Finally testing is done to place the mobile between two airbags, and it really is as if a truck had passed over it.

Airbag vs. iPhone 6SBut what is interesting is the last test, in which is placed a dummy mode dummy, very simple, and made with fabrics and wooden sticks, but that gives us the image of a driver driving and typing with your iPhone 6S right in front of him. The operation of the airbag the mobile bursting out, and although in the video of little scientific rigor do not see anything, imagine the force with which you can impact of the device against the face of the driver.

Is an example of why driving using the mobile phone, it is a dangerous. In this case not so much by forgetfulness, but by the accident and the deployment of the airbag. In reality it is not a situation that is so far away, just go pending on the mobile, the vehicle that leads us to brake suddenly and for our distraction is not frenemos and end up colliding. So now you know, so you can get your face, and your newly-released mobile, if you use it driving.

Source – EverythingApplePro