Airbus will present and test your first prototype of a personal vehicle autonomous in 2017


a Sketch of the prototype of transport self-contained staff.

relatively recently that Airbus revealed its plans to develop new systems of transport air the self-employed and personal. Last summer I described the vision of the conglomerate committee on new transportation systems technology autonomous, air taxis able to move fully autonomously. A landscape with a horizon too distant a priori.

This week, however, the company has revealed that intends to perform the first tests with a functional prototype before the end of this year. Which means that soon we could see the presentation of this prototype, whose sketches may forward their forms.

What is certain is that despite the fact that the vehicle is referred to as a “flying car”, we can not really define it as such, since would not be suitable for driving on roads or streets conventional. In fact, his typology is more a kind of aerial vehicle, personal.


Sketch of one of the “buses flying”.

If the sketch shows what really is developing Airbus, , we could speak of a small airplane of vertical takeoff, or more commonly known by its English acronym VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing). This has a few helices, as displayed in the sketches, you can modify your tilt, allowing the vehicle to be able to perform the maneuvers of takeoff and landing vertically, regardless of the usual runway.

For the moment, the sketches submitted by Airbus show small vehicles that appear to be just a passenger, although probably the actual version will be able to accommodate more occupants. In the same way, the idea raised initially by the company provides for vehicles of greater size, with capacity for multiple passengers, also operated autonomously.

For the moment, the development of this project and its subsequent testing are a mere feasibility study for the company. On the one hand aims to develop the own technology of independent operation and on the other its possible implementation. Which means that we are faced with a real project, but it is not viable or, at least, will not result in a product available in the market in the short term.