Aki Hintsa is winning the battle to cancer

Aki HintsaAlthough it is not yet recovered all the way, but there are indications of a great victory over his disease. Aki Hintsa is recovering from cancer and we are glad to get to know this great news, that sometimes does not have so much audience as other, but that are much more important than others who have it. So we hope to provide new news like this and know that Aki Hintsa is soon fully recovered.

For those who don’t know, Aki Hintsa is the orthopedic doctor of McLaren. A doctor specialized in sports medicine that has been linked to the team McLaren as their “family doctor” and that last year he was diagnosed with cancer. This led him to retire from his job temporarily. Remember that the Finnish had been working in Formula 1 for a long time with drivers such as Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamitlon and more recently working at McLaren.

Aki HintsaThe doctor 57-year-old has declared to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat a good state of recovery, despite the fact that they gave him 3 months of life. The same has commented that “the tests show that the majority of the tumor has disappeared.”. However, even one can not speak of a full recovery, although since AM we look forward to that great news soon, the same Aki has wanted to be realistic, arguing that it is a “victory significant enough for the moment.“.

Aki Hintsa says that “The fact is that I have seen spend christmas and the new year as if it were a miracle. The odds are 99.5% that shouldn’t be alive. But the real miracle is the current condition in which I find myself.“. So what has the doctor recommended for the past year, Alonso will not race in Australia after his accident in the pre-season test. And as McLaren-Honda, we hope they recover from the hard hit of 2015!