¡Al loro! Nissan would have given the green light, the final analysis, the successor to the 370Z

If a couple of days ago it was confirmed that the replacement of the Nissan 370Z will not count finally platform Mercedes-Benz, leaving more than ever to air their future, today we discovered that the project could have the green light from Yokohama. According to the rumors, and some other means of communication, the japanese firm would be finalizing the details of the next model of the series Z for display, so conceptual, in the next Tokyo motor show.

in addition, however, venture to indicate that the final version of the new Z should be filed within one year in the Salon Automobile Los Angeles. If true this information, the development work should be advanced, since the appointment nippon is performed in the month of October and hence the model of street only remaining a few months. Therefore, Nissan would have taken the bull by the horns to have, at least for now, a model with which to quench the thirst of the fans.

to perform the development of the new sports Nissan, he would have borrowed the platform Infiniti Q60. The internal name of the project would be the Z35 and would be walking to the following address: it would have a size greater than the current 370Z with a few measures that should be around 4,52 meters long, 1,89 meters in width and 1,24 m in height, in addition, keep your weight in numbers similar to those offered by the current generation.

in Addition to sharing the platform with the Infiniti Q60 would employ other elements such as the propulsion system, range mechanics, and electrical system. In summary, it should be a mini Infiniti body Nissan and tuning of chassis specific to not look like his brother. Another point in favour of the successor of the 370Z is that it could keep your body cabrio, although reaching the market, it would not do it until a year after the coupe version.

finally, the rumors suggest that the final name the sports janonés would be 400 Z and that could have a version, even more sports, signed by Nismo, with traction to the four wheels. We must be attentive to the news of the brand, to be certain this information, their main rivals will be shaking with fear.

Source – Coach

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