Al naked! This is the new Toyota Prius, the world standard for efficient car

The Toyota Prius is undoubtedly the world standard for environmentally friendly vehicles. Ecological is not the word, by definition rather talk about efficient vehicles. The fourth generation Toyota Prius shall be made imminently – September 9 in Las Vegas specifically – and we finally have naked pictures. And we have to say they were identical to a leak in the form of illustrations, a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the car earns considerably natural. Let’s find out.

A car like the Prius should have a technological and differentiated aspect. They have achieved, of course.

The car was photographed in an air transport – Frankfurt path or a photo shoot? – And the naked, in its production version. From the outset it can be seen that the stylistic inspiration is the Toyota Mirai. Hydrogen vehicle derives a side profile Kammback , plus some unique taillights. I can not tell if the car I like it or not – I have not formed a clear opinion -. But futuristic look that is appropriate for a car of early adopters

Early adopters, techies , environmentalists … and taxi drivers. We can not forget that it is one of the most popular cars among the drivers of the world whole, from New York to Barcelona, ​​via Tokyo or Moscow. Your tailgate is still divided into two parts and the front slightly resembles a catfish. Many angles and an aggressive look, no doubt. If Toyota manufactures the reference in hybrid vehicles certainly must differentiate your car from the rest of the market. In this aspect, a 10 for Toyota.

We have no details of the interior or on the motor, except for a few details. It is known that consumption has been reduced by 14% compared to the current generation – emissions will be about 80 g / km of carbon dioxide – and rumors that can travel up to 35 km in electric mode . It is believed that there will be a plug-in version and I think this figure of 35 km emission-free corresponding to that version. We imagine that will have a hybrid train HSD revised, with net power of 150 hp.

Soon leave doubts …

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