Alain Prost calls for a “complete freedom” of choice of tires


The new regulation for tires is implemented in 2016, which has allowed the use of a third compound in a Formula 1 Grand Prix, has brought with it a greater tendency to experiment with the strategies in those circuits in which the wear of the tires so allowed, and a greater movement and change of positions in these careers.

For many, however, the regulations could still be improved. Although it is considered that many of the problems of the same lies in the choice of compounds Pirelli, which would have had a look conservative in the last Large Prize, or the little difference in performance and wear between the the compound superblando and the new ultrablando, others believe that the teams should have a freedom of choice even more.

Alain Prost goes even further. The four-time champion frenchman believes that the team should be able to be able to mix compounds on the front and rear wheels, to open up the range of options for the smaller teams:

“Perhaps the power to choose different tires, and have a complete freedom with the tires; leave the flexibility to the computers, even with soft tyres in front and hard back”.

“There could be sometimes a team environment as Force India, which does a good job, set up the car to a different treatment of the tires compared to the top teams, who can’t do that because they are more aware of the competition. Then you could have surprises, but would only be possible with less downforce and different tyres”.

The former French rider also feels that the new cars that will come with the regulation of 2017 should have a greater orientation towards mechanical grip, one of the main claims of the same.

I would have loved to change the rules to allow the computer environment, small teams, have sometimes a chance to be in the head if they do a better job”.

you can Only do that with less aerodynamics and more mechanical grip, because then there is the possibility of having a different strategy. The opportunity exists for teams to work on the mechanical grip”.