Albert Llovera played the Dakar 2016… get In truck!


Albert Llovera stands next to Charly Gotlib with his new machine in the desert.

Albert Llovera faces a new challenge. The pilot is a paraplegic is scheduled to play its fourth Dakar and will be at the controls of a truck Tatra with Renault engine of 920 HP managed by the team Bonver Dakar Project. A twist to their aspirations that has come in the last breath, that the was no car to be able to compete in the Dakar 2016. The prelude to the presentation of the test has been equipped with a new opportunity that will change the buggy Optimus MD used in the last two editions by a vehicle mastodóntico of more than 8,500 pounds.

The challenge for Albert Llovera will be major. The agreement has come at the last minute by the floor of one of the pilots of the team and the process of adaptation has to be meteoric. Llovera has never competed with a truck, so you will need to understand the peculiar system of gears, while the company that collaborates with him rush all the possible deadlines for flatten your seat driving and your steering wheel as the cab of the truck. Following the presentation of the Dakar 2016 in Paris, the Tatra will be traveling to Argentina from the French port of Le Havre.

Albert Llovera will be co-driven by Charly Gotlib in this new adventure that reaches its 50 years and that is his fourth appearance in the Dakar. After his failed attempt to complete the test with an Isuzu pick-up in 2007, the sting of the desert, he returned to the andorran in 2014, when he took part with a Buggy Optimus MD, same vehicle as that used in 2015 to achieve his goal of finishing the Dakar. Finished 41st, accompanied by Alex Haro. Now will look to repeat this feat with a truck and continue to increase his legend. Nothing or no one can stop Albert Llovera!


The Tatra, which will use Albert Llovera in the Dakar 2016 is very similar to the photo.