ALD Ecomotion Tour 2016, to test the potential savings of a M2 and a X4


The headquarters of ALD in Majadahonda marked the starting point of the ninth edition of Ecomotion Tour 2016

ALD Automotive we met last week so that we might share in the ninth edition of its ecorallie, the ALD Ecomotion Tour 2016. During two days, four flights, and more than 500 miles, our mind and our body should be attached to reducing the consumption approved by the 19 manufacturers that were cited in the test.

And it is that that task is not simple, because the brands ever fit more than their consumption data certified. But I had to try. In our case, we had that, invited by BMW, to reduce the numbers of a BMW X4 20d, 5.7 l/100 Km, and the awe-inspiring BMW M2, 8,5 l/100 Km. As we have already said, an exercise of saving extremely complicated to satisfy.

The test had a length of little more than 500 kilometers, 506 to be exact. Divided into four timed sections, two each day. The starting point was the new offices of ALD in Majadahonda, and from there we travel the roads of the north of the community of Madrid, part of the province of Segovia until we reach our destination, in San Bernardo, near Peñafiel, province of Valladolid. The second day the route would be the same but in the opposite direction.

This meant, unlike what happened in the past year, through landscapes where the savings is difficult to meet, because many of the mountain passes were marked in the roadmap. The maximum times for each section were set by the organization, as the average speeds. That is to say, we had to run at a speed half agreed to be able to complete the section without penalty of time.


All the participants had before us, 500 kilometers of test

And is that had. For every minute of delay in the control was 0.1 of a litre of fuel more than they added to our results. The first section set an average speed of 70 Km/h, somewhat higher taking into account that we had to go through Navacerrada and its steep slopes. Many of us had the time issues by trying to save more on the climb of the port, but even so, the data that stem on-board computers were not promising.

In the case of the BMW M2, the computer came to us to mark an expense of about 10.2 liters, far above the target. But as everyone knows, what goes up must come down, and what accumulated in the rise would be gained in the descent, even if that meant touching the brake as little as possible so as not to lose momentum, and have to accelerate again.

And it is well passed the miles, thinking about where, when and how we had to step on the accelerator or not. The gravity was our ally, but not different obstacles that are put before us, such as settlements, traffic lights, Stops, roads poorly paved and even tractors not let him pass to the participants. A stress in any rule.


The M2 behaved like a wild boar even though he noticed that not enjoyed such low speeds

luckily, the second of the sections, with an average speed set at 65 Km/h, it was easier to comply with making consumption more adjusted. In fact, the M2 was able to complete it with an average consumption of 6.6 liters per 100 Km, almost two litres below what is established, something similar happened with the BMW X4 with plenty of time devoted the last few miles down the figures. End of the first day.

At 9 a.m. of the following day was a scheduled departure time. The path, the same but in reverse, known terrain that would help us be more efficient and effective to give more or less gas. Given that many participants arrived late to the time controls on the first day, the organization decided to give us 10 minutes of margin in each of the segments. They were not very necessary in the first, tractors using, but it came good for the second, where, once more, the port of Navacerrada stalked to overturn our achievements.

After travelling more than 500 kilometres set out in the roadmap, all participants we faced the moment of truth. The supplier would dictate, the exact sentence on our ability to reduce energy consumptions. After a few simple calculations between mileage done and litres repostados, more later in penalties, already had winners.

And for the third consecutive year Ford has won the highest post of the general. The Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCi 180 ps scored an average consumption of 4.54 liters, without penalty, a 9,15% less than the brand. In fact, it was the only one who managed to reduce the official figure, because the rest, many of us are plagued by penalties, we did not manage to reduce consumption.


moment of truth, time to know who was the winner of the IX edition of the Ecomotion Tour

But the truth is that we don’t was so bad. The M2 was the second in the general table, with a final consumption of 8.99 liters per 100 Kilometers. That’s taking into account that we penalize a 1.2-litre more for being late. They had not been added, another cock would have sung. But not so bad. The X4 for its part, finished ninth, with an average consumption of 6,88 litres after adding 0.9 per penalties, that is to say a 20,76% more than what is officially branded BMW.

Modelo Carburante official Consumer Penalties final Consumption Deviation
Ford S-Max 2.0 TDci 180 HP Diesel 5 L/100 Km 0,00 4,54 L/100 Km -9.15%
BMW M2 Gas 8,5 L/100 Km 1.20 8,99 L/100 Km 5.78 %
Volvo XC90 Diesel 5,2 L/100 Km 0,00 5,58 L/100 Km 7,29 %
Opel Astra Sports Tourer 1.6 T Gas 6,2 L/100 Km 0,30 6,84 L/100 Km 10,36 %
Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDi Diesel 5,3 L/100 Km 0,90 5,97 L/100 Km 12,71 %
Volkswagen Passat TDI 240 CV Diesel 5.5 L/100 Km 0,30 6,32 L/100 Km 14,93 %
Renault Mégane DCi 130 CV Diesel 4 L/100 Km 0,40 4,69 L/100 Km 17,7 %
SEAT Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95 HP Gas 4.3 L/100 Km 0,90 5,19 L/100 Km 20,75 %
BMW X4 20d Diesel 5.7 L/100 Km 0,90 6,88 L/100 Km 20,76 %
Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Gas 5,3 L/100 Km 0,30 6,88 L/100 Km 29,74 %

we are Already waiting for the tenth edition of the ALD Ecomotion Tour. A test at the end is summed up in consumption data but that involves much more thanks to the excellent atmosphere that always reigns in it. We will see you next year, we still do not know with what, but it sure planted face.