Alex Haro, co-driver of Nani Roma: “The aim is to look at the victoria”


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Nani Roma will be tackling the Dakar 2016 with some new techniques in his Mini All4Racing, but that will not be the main thing. To his side, for the first time since his debut in the category of four-wheel drive, will not be veteran Michel Périn, but the young Alex Haro. The veteran co-pilot, with ample experience in the world of the rallies, will be participating for the first time in a car with a chance of winning, after competing alongside Albert Llovera.

During the team presentation in Madrid, Haro attended to the is for an interview that does not renounce to anything: it is clear that you must win.

Question. – What are you expecting Alex Haro of this first adventure with a winning car for the Dakar?

Response. – I hope to be at the height of the circumstances. Come up with a winning car five years and a pilot winner on bikes and in cars. As I considered the Baja Aragon to win, we’ve been all year since I am with him (with Nani Roma) with the aim of going on to win or be up at the top. I hope that everything I have trained physically, all that I have learned and all that is teaching me the professional team that I have around and have helped me a lot I serves to apply the techniques and be at the height of the circumstances.

Q. – How has been asked by council to Michel Périn (former co-driver of Nani Roma)?

R. – For putting up with Nani not so much (laughs), but yes, at the technical level. Michel is a great professional, one of the best. I have been fortunate to play test to your side, make awards, and to spend several days alone he and I in the that I put in mode ‘sponge’ to absorb all the advice that has been given to me. When you relationships with people so professional and with so much experience, at the end you learn a lot faster.


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Q. – he Said Nani Roma in the second week of the Dakar, with the complicated area of Fiambalá, could be the most open of the test. Do you think that you are stronger in that area, more typical of a raid, or in zones of tracks, are more proper to the WRC?

A. – I Believe that in both. Nani has won in Africa and has won in Argentina. Has won stages and navigation stages type World Rally Car. I come to the WRC, so that in the tracks I feel more like a fish in the water because it is an area that I know very well and I know read more the land.In off-track cost me a little more, but there is Nani who helps me. I’ll have to wrap a lot in what I mark the ‘road book’, you follow the directions. There will come the experience of Nani, for example, by choosing another type of alternative track, while I have to know where we are at all times, he can decide whether to dodge a dune by a site or by another, or facing an area in a different way. I think we will make a good tandem, and I hope that we are competitive in all the land.

P. – Mini part as the favorite, both by quantity and quality over the paper, but do you think that Peugeot or Toyota can give them a lot of war? Does the victory of Peugeot in the Rally of Morocco confirmed his suspicions that come in stronger than expected?

R. – I’m convinced that it’s going to be a war for all. Comes many drivers in the WRC with a lot of speed, and it may not have the concept of the resistance that requires this race but we do not decant only to make a run at a moderate pace. If you escape at the beginning, you will invoice. We need to mold the career to how it unfolds, telling about all the experience of Nani, who will know up to where there are that follow them, up to where apretarles, how to take care of the mechanics, how to face the marathon stage, the height… We are working hard physically to get used to the height. Let’s hope that we present a good career.

Q. – In what position is the 16th of January, the last day of the Dakar?

R. – I would like to see me. Very much depends on how we start up, especially for me, that I don’t have much experience as to be able to say where we will be. My aspiration real is living up to expectations: it is a car and a winning team and the aim is to look at the victory.