Alex Wurz: “The F1 has to have the best pilots”


The Formula 1 and the security go hand in hand. In recent years, several serious accidents that have resulted in injuries much more mild than expected thanks to a ‘labour office’ very tough for the drivers. Who doesn’t remember the shock brutal of Robert Kubica against the protections in the area of the hairpin in Canada in 2007, getting the victory in the following year; or the spring from the car of Rubens Barrichello which meant that Felipe Massa lost consciousness in the classification of the Grand Prix of Hungary 2009.

The Formula 1 has to be authentic, with the fastest cars and the best drivers on the best circuits.

however, for Alexander Wurz, current president of the GPDA, the cars should be faster and have greater security measures: “Those who bring these cars must be heroes, and my target is in that line. We have to go faster. Personally, it would make the cars safer, but then I would take you to circuits with designs ends”, admitted to

Drivers such as Carlos Sainz or Lewis Hamilton, among others, have expressed in front of the camera on occasion that they would like to run a race with a F1 on circuits like Macau. A similar idea is proposed by Wurz, who takes security very seriously, but believes that there is still room for improvement to improve the show.

“When a pilot is go long, there should not be an escape of 20 feet of asphalt, but a wall, grass or gravel, leading to some result. Would increase the safety to the race director would leave them to run more aggressively, or in rain, we could go to street circuits, more demanding”. This was another issue that brought controversy, with the satellite Dish of Monza as the maximum exponent. Today, in the majority of the circuits, if a pilot makes a mistake, either rolling solo or fighting for position, it is quite likely to take the loophole nearest you and continue normally. The austrian would be willing to cut this root, as it considers that it is not good for the sport.

The spectator from home on the tele has to think, ‘Wow, I would not be able to drive those cars!’ only to see it

The reactions in social networks to delays in racing in the rain and the subsequent suspension of the same give the reason to Wurz. In the same way, the battles on track would be charged a higher relevance compared to the skirmishes in force; pilots, enjoy freedom, would be movements that are not currently being made. “If we keep safety as we conceive of right now, Charlie Whiting stopped the race with red flag and will have to be more strict with the battles on the track. I think that we must not seek that, without movement there is no development”.

Finally, the expiloto of Benetton, McLaren and Williams, is reluctant to Halo for not finding it “nice aesthetically.”, although it yields to the opinion of security experts, because “they have had 30 years to improve security without compromising performance” and “even so the popularity has increased”.