Alexander Selipanov, designer of the Bugatti Chiron, tab by Genesis

Alexander «Sasha» Selipanov

Alexander “Sasha” Selipanov tab by Genesis as the new Head of Design.

Alexander Selipanov, better known in the world automobile as “Sasha“, is one of the most important designers of the last few years. And is that has been responsible for creating one of the supercars modern more important, the new Bugatti Chiron. While it is not his unique creation, we can say that Chiron has been the creation with which Selipanov has established itself as one of the designers of the car more important today.

During the last two years, the designer of Russian origin of 33 years of age he has occupied the post of Head of Exterior Design of Bugatti. Shortly after obtaining his bachelor of art in California (united States) became part of Volkswagen. In addition, it has also been a member of the team of outdoor designers of Lamborghini. During the year 2010 participated in the design of the Lamborghini Hurricane.

But, why is it news Sasha? For neither more nor less, because Alexander Selipanov has been “signed” by Genesis. In particular, Selipanov has been appointed the new Head of Design of Genesis, the sub-brand premium created by Hyundai recently. The signature of luxury south Korean has planned to launch up to six models in the coming years, and the young Russian designer will have a lot to say on all these projects.

Bugatti Chiron - boceto

Sketch of the Bugatti Chiron performed by Selipanov.

Alexander Selipanov will play his new position in the global study that Genesis has in Germany. Will be supported at all times by Luc Donckerwolke, Head of Genesis and ex-Design Director of the Volkswagen Group, will have to get to work for tackle the development of all models in which the young brand is working. Among them, an electric car of luxury and high performance.

Russian designer has commented the following about his incorporation to the firm in south korea:

“I Am very excited about this opportunity, because it will be a new chapter in my career. I have been working for well-established brands in the sector, so that Genesis will be a new and stimulating challenge for me. In addition, I am honored to be able to launch a luxury brand and be a part of their history. I’m hoping to be able to get to work to bring my experience and passion”.