Alexander Wurz: “we Could go to 450 km/h with car insurance”


The security continues to be the main point of concern of the AIF with respect to Formula 1, and even more so after the tragic death of Jules Bianchi last year, but a time to this part, the levels of the category have sought to recover the ” wow ” factor of the cars that helped the popularization of the category in past decades.

the last change to The regulations, which come into force this 2017, was developed with the objective of achieving cars that were, at least, three seconds faster, through a comprehensive improvement of the aerodynamics. In addition to the increased power delivery of the V6 turbo, Formula 1 next year could be the most rapid in history.

however, for Alexander Wurz, that would be far from what you can get. In statements to Motorsport, the ex-pilot of austria, the current president of the Pilots Association (GPDA) and one of the main drivers of the safety in Formula 1 today, believes that cars could be much faster and to achieve higher top speed if it continues to improve in the protection of the vehicles

“If I am a visionary for the Formula 1, I would make the cars even more safe, but then it would make it much faster. But I speak of a lot faster, because we can make cars that go to 450 kilometers per hour and have a much more aerodynamic. Then, when the cars safer, we will be able to run on the circuits that are more extreme in cities… “

, Wurz believes that, with cars, much more insurance that allow those speeds, it would not be necessary that the circuits they had huge areas of run-off tarmac, something that would reduce the problems of track limits and would bring more action to the viewers face-to-face. we would Not need to do loopholes lf and we wouldn’t have infringements that no one understands. The only aspect behind this is that the fan has to sit at home and think: ‘I could Never do it. Only pilots brave and talented can do it.’ So I don’t worry about the rest, because my fan inside you will be excited about, and we have advanced a lot in the exciting“.

Although he calls it a “long-term vision”, Wurz believes that it is a necessary thing in the current Formula 1, and that collides with “some of the people with short-term views that are in this. I’m not sure that is right”. The former pilot of the Benetton and Williams wanted to emphasize, however, that an increase is so significant of the performance has to go hand in hand with a safety line, to avoid any kind of legal problem if something goes wrong:

If the cars are not safer, the race director will have to take care of the pilots, because they do not want to go to jail if something happens, and we would be in a cul-de-sac. My opinion is: make the cars safer and to be very aggressive with the rest, because then we will be able to, a human life will be much less in game. It will always be dangerous to fly at those speeds, as we have seen, but we work against the factor of probability”