Alfa Giulietta 2017, we hunt for your reestyling

winter is The bank of tests that all new models must pass before they are able to make the leap to the dealers; the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is no less and has been left to see, shot by our photographers spy in your next face wash.

despite the fact that we’ve already seen images of the Giulietta camouflaged before, we are faced with a few snapshots that reveal to us new aesthetic elements in the body. And, the compact of the Italian brand wants to be likened more to his saloon, the Giulia.


For this reason, the front bumper and new optical front that we could already see a few months ago, now add a few wheels 18-inch design with turbine (although they are already present in the range of the Giulietta today as an extra), a sideskirts side more aggressive, and a rear bumper that lets see a behind more sporty with a pronounced diffuser, very probably in the line of design of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

On its inside, is still a true unknown, so we do not know if you will receive a small aesthetic change that modernizes the compact Italian in ecuador of its commercial life, before a new generation that is likely to be of propulsion rear.

will we See some change but before its implementation over planned for march in the Geneva?