Alfa Romeo 4C “The Furious”, what you seemed too austere the interior of the 4C?

Of the hand Garage Italia Customs and on the occasion of the motor show of Dubai, Garage Italia Customs has given way to a Alfa Romeo 4C dressed for the occasion with a care cabin, with new materials in its interior and an eye-catching result that breaks with the austerity of the original Lotus Elise Italian.

Of the austere original finish to a lush solution-abundant alcantara red:

The Alfa Romeo 4C currently has a starting price of 66.200 euros.

The coach has been tasked to give to the cab of the Alfa Romeo 4C a new finished in alcantara red for the dashboard, the centre tunnel, steering wheel, doors and seats, doing gala of a finish is considerably thinner, the better resolved than the spartan original finish.

The touch Garage Italia Customs goes beyond the interior to offer a new tone of painting on a gradient-perfectly contrasted by a gold finish to the rims.

(mechanical no changes have been made so that the backs of the new cabin we just keep finding with the propellant supercharged 4-cylinder and 1,750 cc, a propellant that delivers 240 horses to the rear axle counting for transmission with a gearbox double clutch.

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Gallery of images of the Alfa Romeo 4C Garage Italia Customs