Alfa Romeo called to review Giulia and Stelvio due to the brake fluid

The problem, according to Alfa Romeo, would come by the installation of a brake fluid, which appears to be contaminated, which could cause damage to the brakes, reducing their performance, or even going to cause an accident if it is not revised on time.

despite the fact that these manufacturing flaws are becoming less and less frequent and the brands tend to react to time it happens nothing serious, due to the number of vehicles that are manufactured already not the year, but every day, so world, it is very difficult for this not to happen.

According to the reports, Alfa Romeo, the vehicles that would be affected to correspond with the models produced between 14 and 23 November 2017, which surely are cars that will be sold in face-to-2018 due to the proximity of the date of manufacture with the end of the year.

To review the failure of production, the Giulia and Stelvios that have been made during these dates will have to be brought to an official repair shop or the dealer where you purchased the vehicle, to perform the required review in the brakes, and if necessary, a replacement of the same.

The procedure will begin on the 8th of February, so that, by that date, drivers who have a vehicle affected will be able to test if the brakes are functioning correctly or, on the contrary, will have requested to mark the review.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, launched marketed in 2016 and 2017 respectively, they are a saloon a half, and a SUV segment D, which have been a sales success for the Italian firm, in addition, the tip of the spear of subsequent renewals in the model range of the manufacturer in milan. Both, in spite of belonging to two segments, diametrically opposite, have the racing DNA of the brand.

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