Alfa Romeo cancels the Giulia Sportwagon


Recreation of the Alfa Giulia Sportwagon.

Finally, all previous reports have turned out to be incorrect and for the moment there will be no family version for the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Despite the fact that some were based on the statements of the own makers of the brand and the group, such as Sergio Marchionne.

Has been Alfredo Altavilla, responsible of the production of Alfa Romeo, which has confirmed to viva voice in a recent interview that the version Giulia Sportswagon has been for the moment terminated. The reason given has been the SUV of the brand, the new Stelvio, which I could already fulfill that function.

“We have decided not to do a Giulia Sportwagon. What we really need if the SUV Stelvio is handled as well?, probably not. With our fine-tuned fit, the Stelvio may be of interest to all those people who might have been interested in the family” Alfredo Altavilla.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio, in brief in dealers.

What is certain is that the product plan for Alfa Romeo has changed a lot and many times in recent times, so it is not surprising that a product minority as the Giulia Sportswagon has been cancelled at the last moment. Especially taking into account that the trademark is to combine efforts in the launch of the SUV.

The Stelvio pass for being the first product of this segment of the Italian brand. A model that in theory should have a high number of sales and help significantly to the achievement of the sales objectives of the firm. Objective that also has been substantially altered with changes of direction above strategic.

bodies family members are very necessary in markets such as the european, but in the us are an exception. Today the united States is the market where the brand is going to focus their efforts, with the Giulia and the Stelvio, so that it is more than likely that a standalone version for a few markets is not more than a waste of efforts. Perhaps later we return to hear about the Sportswagon, but for the moment we must forget