Alfa Romeo delayed the launch of the Giulia and its first SUV

The plans of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on the launch of new models of Alfa Romeo, they begin to alter their schedule. The Giulia and the SUV will be delayed, at the same time that could change the order of other models.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016according to what this week published Automotive News, the commercial launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been extended until the middle of next year,, while the SUV will not come to the market before the year 2017, that is to say nine months later than originally anticipated.

This became known thanks to the information provided by some suppliers of the Italian brand. The reasons are still uncertain, but there are those who claim that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles re-consider whether the business strategy regarding the revival of Alfa Romeo is the correct one, in part due to the current weakness of the chinese market in relation to what was happening a few months ago.

This takes sustenance thanks to the recent statements of Sergio Marchionne during a conference quarterly meeting held in Italy. To know the details will have to wait to the beginning of 2016, but Alfa Romeo now focus its efforts in north America and in Europe.

it Is for this reason that will work for the next 30 to 60 days to review the business plan of Alfa Romeo and map out a new strategy that could alter the order of release of some of their products, in function of the power suit better the tastes of consumers in Europe and North America.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, however, maintains its plan to lead the global sales annually from Alfa Romeo to 400,000 units by 2018, although some analysts suggest that hardly succeed to reach the 230 thousand units per year, taking into account that the original strategy of Marchionne contemplated the marketing of 80 thousand units only in the chinese market.

however, China still have not arrived neither Giulia nor the Myth, nor have they been fixed to their possible release dates, but any of the new models of niche could be delayed to accommodate that will lead to a greater volume of sales.