Alfa Romeo displays its new emblem


Alfa Romeo marks the beginning of his new era with the release of a refreshed logo which neglects the golden colors and giving way the silver and more simple design .


Alfa-Romeo-Logo-2015-1 L a publicity campaign mounted Alfa Romeo to the new Giulia includes a series of short promotional videos that gradually let us know not only more details of the sedan, but also as we have this time to new emblem Brand biscione .

The start of the new emblem was also renewed.

It’s just that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be the first model of the Italian house to use the new logo , which has renewed its colors facing the new era that the Italian brand tries to start with the awaited arrival of rear-drive sedan.

The new emblem is based on the above, but changed some of its colors, leaving out details in gold and blue color and blue background, giving way to a less complex design where the protagonist is the silver while the background is now completely white .

Alfa Romeo Logo (2015) The Giulia will be the first of the new models in use, but from now on all Alfa Romeo products shall carry the new logo.

In the video attached below’ll see some additional details Giulia, as well as observe how was the new emblem.